Project Coaching


Delivering digital (IT, telco and new media) projects requires a broad range of management competencies such as excellent communication, man-management, and political skills,  knowledge of project best practices and a high emotional intelligence.

A recent survey by the Chartered Institude of Personnel and Development showed that a growing range of organisations are finding coaching a highly effective management development approach. One-to-one regular project coaching helps embed new project skills and apply them consistently over a period of time.

What is Coaching?

In a series of one-to-one meetings the coach helps the project leader and/or manager to deliver project and programme objectives, deal with work challenges, improve their results, attain their development goals and implement recent training ideas.

What are the Benefits of Project Coaching?

  • A track record of helping project management teams deliver real value
  • Support and advice from a highly experienced project management experts.
  • On-going support that holds individual’s to account by setting targets
  • Help to implement training theory such as PRINCE2TM, SCRUMTM and PMI’s  PMBOKTM to complex work environments.
  • Help and advice in the use of project software tools such as MS Project, Basecamp, Primeravera and OnTime
  • Holistic approach that simultaneously develops a broad range of interrelated skills a project manager needs.
  • Tailored development that takes account of an individual’s personality, work challenges, environments and learning styles.
  • An impartial and confidential sounding board that allows discussion of controversial topics.
  • Substantially lowers work-place stress and improves morale

Who are the Orgtopia Coaches?

Our coaches have many years of experience of delivering digital (IT, telco and new media) projects. They are accredited in a number of best practice approaches such as the PMI’s PMBOK and PRINCE2. Also they are accredited coaches with the Association for Coaching.


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