Training Approach


Our Approach –  4 D’s  Training Development Methodology
We provide tailored management training courses for delivery on or off-site to individual organisations. We follow a simple but effective approach to developing training courses for our clients.

Step 1 – Discovery

  • Understanding client’s current business processes, environment, attendee’s personal development plans and key development issues.
  • Reviewing the menu of training modules with the client to pick syllabus areas
  • Identifying key business and individual performance indicators to be improved by the training. Measuring the pre-course baseline levels of these indicators.

Step 2 – Development

  • Combining chosen training modules
  • Writing new bespoke modules
  • Developing realistic scenarios and exercises based on the client’s environment and current challenges
  • Iterative development process allowing the client to feedback after each iteration on the materials

Step 3 – Delivery

  • Can be run on or off-site
  • Course delivered in a manner to stimulate all four of Honey and Mumford’s learning styles
  • Large range of activity-based instructor-led exercises and scenarios tailored to reflect the client’s environment and challenges

Step 4 – Derive

  • Reviewing evaluation feedback and exam results with the client
  • Measuring changes in work-based performance using psychometric tests
  • Reviewing the key performance indicators identified in the Discovery step to understand the effect of the training on the organisation
  • Coaching attendees on a one-to-one basis to support them in their application of the course material and embedding new behaviours

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