Project Rescue

Orgtopia specialise in turning around troubled projects so that they deliver successful outcomes for their organizations. We work in high-pressure business-critical situations to quickly analyse projects and identify what needs to be rectified. We work with all levels of the organization from director level, downwards to ensure that those involved start to work cohesively together to deliver project objectives.

Project rescue could involve:

  • Conflict resolution between multiple stakeholders, third party contractors and members of the project management team
  • Rapidly increasing productivity using a variety of man management, team building and motivational techniques
  • Setting up pragmatic project management approaches by taking the best parts from approaches such as the PMI, Agile and PRINCE2 to move initiatives forward
  • Setting up effective project management and governance organizational structures to ensure quick, representative decision-making
  • Bringing clarity and agreement about project scope and definition and ensuring projects deliver a range of high priority business benefits for the organization
  • Using a range of project management techniques to bring project schedules and budgets back on track.
  • Solving breakdowns in communication amongst stakeholders, both inside the organization, across commercial boundaries with other organizations and across geographic and cultural boundaries.

Our project rescue service will turn around your projects so that they deliver success.


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