Our Case Studies

Case Studies

Consultancy Project with Pharma Company to Develop Stakeholder Management Approach

A Pharma Company wanted to interact with their health care professional clients through a new health portal containing up-to-date information on their range of drugs, their therapeutic areas and upcoming developments. The project was complex due to the range of stakeholders who needed to buy in to the new system: from their medical department, their IT department, their marketing teams for all the individual drugs and the range of leaders from all their European affiliates. Orgtopia worked with the Pharma Company and their digital agency, to design a project organisation structure, which enabled consensus to be established on the initial direction and scope of the project and decisions to be made in a timely manner. The structure segued easily into the Agile approach being used by the software developers

Consultancy Project to Develop Effective Planning Approaches at a Broadcast Company

A Broadcast Cmpany’s IT department were struggling with the planning of their internal projects due to highly complex plans and time recording systems. A great deal of time was being wasted creating and updating these records and it was exceedingly difficult to understand how projects were progressing. Orgtopia worked with the Broadcast Company to implement a pragmatic approach to developing plans based on the PMI method that would involve the IT staff and the internal clients. As a result the projects were easier to track, communication improved and time to create and develop the plans was dramatically reduced.

Workshops to Develop Coaching Skills at a Healthcare Institute

The Institute had developed a database of management coaches but found that their members were not using it. They wished to offer an introduction to coaching skills event to introduce the basic concepts of coaching to their members. Orgtopia developed an interactive workshop which enabled the participants to develop some key coaching skills such as listening, effective questioning, creating awareness in their clients but at the same time leaving the responsibility for management problems with the person being coached.

Project Coaching at Digital Agency.

The Digital Agency was given a large and complex software development project. Instead of contracting a specialist project manager they wished to develop their in-house team to manage these types of project. Orgtopia recommended a coaching approach to developing these skills in-house and worked with a number of their middle managers over the period of the project to coach and mentor them to develop the skills and abilities needed to successfully deliver the project.

Consultancy Project to Implement Prince2 at a Broadcast Company

The Broadcast Company’s web development team were given a large web contract to develop a site for a government department. They had a large range of skills and experience in the design and development of complex web sites, but not in the government management approaches (Prince2) to projects. Orgtopia worked with the Broadcast Company to provide a bridge between their development approach and the government’s department, ensuring that both parties communicated and worked effectively together.

Management Skills Training for Learning Tree

Orgtopia runs a number of their training courses, from Prince2, Project Management for Software Development and Management Skills. All the courses provide a thorough and deep foundation in their relevant areas, teaching the latest best practice approaches and provide the opportunity for delegates to test out their skills in the classroom using realistic scenarios.

Change Programme to Implement Agile Approach to Software Development

A company that develops software for school were having problems delivering their products. They utilised a Waterfall approach which they were finding too rigid to respond to the rapidly changing environment which they operated within.  Orgtopia worked with them to change all parts of their development team from business analysts, software developers and testers so that they worked in a flexible, agile way. As a result their operations was able to produce a more robust, user focused system which was highly flexible. As a side effect the development team enhanced their skill sets and increased motivation within the group.


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