About Us


Hello, my name is David Hinde. I am the founder and lead consultant at Orgtopia. Our work is all about leadership and management development. We love to help organizations get the most out of their people and help people get the most out of their organizations. At Orgtopia our particular areas of speciality are helping people deliver difficult and challenging projects and helping leaders create highly engaged and productive workplace teams. We use all sorts of techniques to achieve this. We deliver a whole range of management and leadership training events, we engage with organizations to deliver coaching and consultancy programmes  and we regularly write on the subject (have a look at my blog on this website or go onto Amazon and buy one of my books!)

We love to work in a wide variety of environments – this keeps us challenged and fresh and we learn so much from how different places tackle different problems. Since I set up Orgtopia in 2003 we have worked with the consultancy firm Deloitte and Touche, the Norwegian oil giant Aker Oil, the global pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, the British Army and the NATO forces and the BBC – to name but a few. Have a look at the case studies section to get a flavour of our work.

If you think we can help you in any way – or you just want an informal chat – please feel free to contact me.


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